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From Weddings to Births

I started off my career as an event planner/decorator. I loved it at the time but I knew deep down there was something else waiting. After going through my own birth & postpartum experiences I realized how beautiful and inspiring this important work is. I had four unmedicated births, the last two being beautiful home births with Midwives Bay Area.

I did my birth doula training through DONA and started my birth work journey in 2010. After my 3rd baby was born in 2016, I began digging deep into traditional postpartum care. I learned a lot from the elders in my family and community. I continue to learn through my interactions with my amazing clients. In 2021 I enrolled in The National College of Midwifery and have been working my way towards honoring this beautiful tradition of midwifery care for the women around me.

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