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My experience with HandHeld Postpartum services was remarkable! After having an emergency C-section, I was looking for a service that could help me heal, give me comfort and help me to relax.  In my first session I met with Shannon, the lactation consultant, and she was extremely compassionate and knowledgable. She addressed all my breastfeeding concerns and helped me understand my baby’s needs as well. 

The next three visits were with Nilo the doula. Nilo has a way of immediately making a person feel at ease. Her warmth and compassion are inviting from the moment you meet her. After my C section, I was longing for some comfort and all of her services gave me just that! Her healing touch helped me relax after all the stress my body had experienced. The essential oils and herbs, along with the detox custom bath mixture is just divine! Nilo has a unique gift of providing genuine empathy and compassion in all her sessions. She has a calming and professional attitude and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for deep relaxation. 

My favorite service was a belly binding technique called Bengkung Belly Binding. This not only gave me postural support but also helped my healing process in a natural way. Hand Held Postpartum's knowledge of various cultures around the world is what makes their business and services unique. Their extensive knowledge of the specific plants and herbs they used, and their healing powers was very impressive. Another ancient healing practice used on me, was a Vaginal Steam. I felt the benefit of this therapeutic treatment immediately! Every single visit and every service provided me helped my emotional and physical recovery from my birth. In the last session, they do a beautiful Closing of the Bones ceremony. After a long 9 months of pregnancy with various problems and a very strenuous labor, this ceremony was the perfect way to embrace the journey my body had been through. In this service, they provided such a nurturing and supportive environment and allowed me to lie quietly and reflect on the pregnancy, and particularly the very vulnerable moments of my labor and birth, both psychologically and physically. It helped me find some closure and truly helped me embrace the new stages of motherhood. 

I highly recommend this company if you are looking for knowledgeable professionals who are experts in assisting and providing a mother with physical and emotional support! -Roohina Diwan

"I used Nilo as my doula for my first child.  When my water unexpectedly broke at 36 weeks, Nilo coached me through a long 35-hour labor.  Nilo came to my home, helped me figure out how to progress my labor, that included walking with me over 2 miles.  When we finally got to the hospital, Nilo helped us through the labor process, giving us technique and giving me massages to help with pain management. She also helped us understand what the nurses and doctors were saying and suggesting.  Giving birth can be a scary process for a first time mom.  I would highly recommend getting a doula to help you through the process if you want an unmedicated birth, and Nilo is one of the best out there." -Nadia Aziz

I was able to successfully give birth to my daughter drug free at 9.1 pounds and I owe it all to Nilo. I would not have been able to do it without her. Giving birth is a very intimate and raw experience and she was able to give me love strength and support when I needed it the most. She was able to coach my husband on how best to support me. She visited me after the birth of my daughter to help with breastfeeding. I couldn't have done it without her. If your searching for the right doula no need to continue your search, you just hit the jackpot!!
 -Shugufa Afifi

I hired Nilo for postpartum care after the birth of my 2nd child. I already had an almost 4 year old at home and wasn’t anticipating any rest during my “4th trimester”. 

Had it not been for Nilo’s care and guidance, I wouldn’t have given myself the same grace and time needed to truly let my womb and my entire body heal. I trusted her implicitly — from the very first session, it was clear that she was there to serve a higher purpose.

There are some elements of her postpartum care (ie: herbal baths, mothers milk, regular massages) that I continue to use to this day when I need a boost or to treat myself. Her postpartum package is so much more than the 5 sessions she provides. It really is a gift that keeps on giving.

As mothers, we give so much of ourselves to our families and especially our children. Nilo taught me that in order to keep filling other’s cups, we need to continually refill our own. I’m forever grateful for the services she provides and I simply cannot over-recommend her. She is a blessing to every mother she helps. -Breanne Milroy

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