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Birth Doula Services


I come to your home to meet with you and your partner. We will discuss how you imagine your birth, things you would like during the process and work on your birth plan if one is not set in place. I will show you some birthing technics and certain birthing positions. We will discuss my role during labor and delivery.

If needed I come do a labour prep vaginal steam session with you once you are 38 weeks. This helps gets your body ready for labor by softening your cervic and keeping you relaxed. 

Late Pregnancy/ During Labor

I stay on call for you two week before your due date until two weeks after. You may call, text or email me any questions or concerns you have. Once your labor has started we will be in contact via phone throughout the early stage. Once you feel you need me to come I am there for you the entire time. I help you and your partner get into different positions to help with the contractions, along with lots of massages throughout the labor. Depending on where you are in your labor I set up a birth steam session. The herbs and steam itself helps keep you relaxed during early labour.  I stay 1 to 2 hours after the birth to help with the first latch and get you settled.


I do one postpartum visit after you have arrived home. We discuss the birth and any concerns, thoughts you may have. I provide you with resources should you need them to help with the baby, nursing, nutrition ect.

You have option to include my 6 postpartum sessions at this time.

I am currently only taking home birth clients. If you are interested in a home birth, please visit the link below to get to know the wonderful midwives I work with!


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