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The 4th Trimister

Welcome to this beautiful time of postpartum, a time traditionally spent on relaxing, healing and bonding with your baby. As women and mothers we often forget to care for ourselves and in turn don't pay much mind to the postpartum period or the "4th trimester." 


I am here to change that notion and make this time a beautiful one for you and your new baby. My goal is to help you have a successful start to healing your body so you can focus on bonding with your baby. 

Just like it takes time to grow a baby, it takes time to heal the body. 

I have set up a weekly meeting schedule that spreads out through your postpartum journey. Below are the details. Please send inquiry for price.

Session 1 

On this first visit you will receive a postnatal massage followed by bellybinding using the bengkung method which roots back to Malaysia. After, we will proceed with a uterine massage and hot stone womb therapy.


Session 2

On this visit we will be bringing warmth back into your womb with a vaginal stream. Followed by bellybinding and hot stone womb therapy. Steaming is used by many cultures to help release any impurities left after the birth and to heal the vaginal area. It has been used for centuries to help women not only in postpartum recovery but also with fertility, fibroids, and even in early labor!


Session 3

This week we will be doing some postnatal body work again. Traditionally massages in the postpartum period are given everyday! The more the merrier when it comes to body work during this special time.


Session 4

On this forth visit we will be continuing with womb steaming. The warmth and herbs will continue to increase blood flow which helps to speed up the healing process. Steaming has been known to help significantly when moms have had tears during the birth. 


Session 5

 This visit will be all about taking a moment for yourself while healing your perineum! We will set up a beautiful relaxing detox floral sitz bath for you, followed by bellybinding and hot stone womb therapy. Sitz bath herbs are a great way to speed up the healing process. Each Herb is hand picked to help tone, cleans and clean the vaginal area. If you've had a C-Section we use herbs to help heal the stitches as well. 


Closing the bones option at 6 weeks

You have the option of adding on a closing of the bones session at six week postpartum. This is a beautiful time for you to reflect on this journey you've been through during pregnancy, the birth and now postpartum. In many cultures this ritual is seen as a celebration and signifies the closure of this time.


*Extra fee of $150

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